An Edwardian Picnic Among the Roses


Saturday, August 6, 2016
Location: Lincoln Park
1450 High Street, Alameda
(Near the Rose Garden)

Suggested Set-Up Time: 10:00 am (or earlier for the best picnic spots)
Picnic Luncheon begins: 11:00 am
Formal Dancing: 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Admission: Free! (Your donations to the band are welcome!)

Pack a picnic basket, put on your most picturesque hat and afternoon attire, and join us for an Edwardian Picnic among the roses in the style of E.M Forster's "A Room with a View" and all those gorgeous Merchant-Ivory costume movies. Admission is free - our way of thanking our guests for their loyal support of PEERS.

The picnic is set in 1908 and costumes from 1900-1912 are admired but not required. As our picnic site is Alameda's beautiful Lincoln Park (near the Rose Garden) rather than the Tuscan countryside, the weather can be very changeable, so both shawls and hats/parasols are strongly recommended. Ladies wishing to wear the rational costume or bicycling costume of the suffragettes and New Women are certainly welcome to do so. But if you plan to dance, be sure to wear shoes or boots sturdy enough for outdoor dancing.

The event is not a general potluck since we wish to give PEERS' hard-working catering staff a holiday. Please bring your OWN picnic lunch. Our guests are encouraged to have fun making their picnic site look as Edwardian as possible. As there are no picnic tables in the Rose Garden side of the park, guests may want to bring blankets to sit on or period-looking picnic furniture and accoutrements.

Our celebrated vintage dance band,  Bangers & Mash, will play late Victorian and Edwardian dance music and some sizzling Ragtime dances from 1pm to 4:30. Tips for our brilliant and hard-working band will be much appreciated.

For costume inspiration, you might enjoy watching the Merchant-Ivory 1985 production o A Room with a View. Indeed, ANY of Merchant-Ivory's Edwardian era films will give you excellent ideas for costumes, both simple and elaborate.

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